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Increase your crop yield with testing to better understand your soil composition

When you choose AK Diversified Solutions, you know your St Augusta, MN farm is in good hands. Through our soil scouting and testing services, you can get the information you need to understand your soil quality and composition. This can help you adjust your practices to boost fertility, slow erosion and make smart decisions about your business.

Increase your crop yield. Turn to our experts for testing services. Don't forget to ask us about our continuous partnership program.

See how we can help your farm

Trying to increase your crop yield or determine the best crops to plant in your area starts with understanding the soil beneath your feet. That's why we offer soil testing and soil scouting services with our seed services. We'll provide non-biased testing services to recommend feed, fertilizer and other chemicals, so you can make decisions that make sense for your land.

Gain a better understanding of your soil. Schedule soil testing services today.